Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.

Counseling Ministry

We offer many kinds of counseling through Save-The-Family, our counseling ministry. We offer Family Crisis Counseling; Couples Counseling; Premarital Counseling; Marriage Counseling; Single Mother Support & Counseling; Pregnancy Counseling; Adoption Counseling; and Abortion Alternative Counseling. Many of our counseling clients are seen on a regular basis in our offices for ongoing counseling and care. Some of our counseling clients are helped through telephone counseling either individually or through conference calls with several people at once. Both of these types of counseling are offered on a one-time or short-term basis or as Intensive Care through long-term care. We also offer Counseling-to-Go. In this program, we travel to the client instead of the client traveling to us, and is usually one-time or short-term.

The website for Save-the-Family-Counseling is: