Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.

Education Center

This ministry is aimed at young women who are pregnant or are single mothers and offers a variety of services. The main goal of this service is to offer these young women the opportunity to complete their high school education and receive a High School Diploma. We use Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum and through a joint program with an ACE accredited school in Tennessee are able to offer an accredited diploma. In order to make it possible for the young women to complete their schoolwork, we offer Onsite Child Care at low or no cost while they are in class. They can remain onsite to do their school work, or take it home to complete. Those that opt for the latter option are required to check in for oversight and testing at regular periods. The childcare will also be available for these young women for the times they need to attend appointments or take care of other business or errands. Counseling and other Support Services are also available to these young women if they choose to participate.