Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.

2007 Financial Report & 2008 Budget

We would like to offer a note of explanation before we give you the financial report. First, let us say that we are always searching for the best way to inform our supporters about how we are spending the monies you send us. We want to make sure that you not only receive a report, but also that you receive a report that helps you to really understand what your money is doing. To that end we have searched all of the information we could find showing ways for nonprofit organizations to make an accounting to their supporters and we have decided to use what is called a Functional Expense Classification system. This report will show you the total funds that were contributed to Save-The-Child Ministries, Inc. over a previous year, how they were spent, and what we have budgeted for the coming year. The funds are listed according to what has been or will be spent on each program or service we offer and we believe that this will give you the very best understanding of how your money is being used to change lives through this ministry. As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about any questions or need for clarification that you may have.

Please also note that there is a significant difference in the 2007 expenses as reported in the 2007 Financial Report and the expected expenses as shown in the 2008 Budget. This is because we have made some major shifts in how we are using our finances. Because we sold the 527 Oglethorpe Avenue property (see “Goodbye to 527 Oglethorpe Avenue”), our facilities costs are much less. But we also needed to add more staff to be able to offer all of our programs and services (see “2007-2008 The Year Past and Present”). Because of these changes we were able to reduce expenses in some areas, had to increase them in other areas, and still reduced our budget by about $25,000. We believe that this will make for a very workable budget, as long as our contributors (that’s you!!!) hold strong and consider our ministry wirthy of your funds.


2007 Financial Report

Because 2007 was such a transitional year for us, we have decided to report to you the total contributions for the year as well as our expenses for the year. If you would like to know specifically how this is itemized, please write to us and ask for more detailed information.

2007 Income$195,973.77
2007 Expenses$199,447.62

2008 Budget

Counseling Program$41,850.00
SCM Education Center$44,700.00
Management & General Operations$30,050.00
Explanation of Expenses:
Counseling Program - This includes those salaries, facilities costs, traveling costs, and material costs necessary to provide this service.
WebMinistry - This includes those slalries, equipment costs, and other costs necessary to provide this service.
SCM Education Center - This includes those salaries, facilities costs, traveling costs, and material costs necessary to provide this service.
Management & General Operations - This includes those slalries, facilities costs, equipment costs, and material costs necessary for administrative costs.
Fundraising - This includes those salaries, traveling costs, and material costs necessary for fundraising tasks.