Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.


When the decision was made to end our Residential Services program, it became abundantly clear that the Oglethorpe Avenue property was no longer the appropriate property for this ministry. So, on August 1st we prayerfully put it on the market. We went into this undertaking fully realizing that God would be in control, as He always is. We knew that the market wasn’t great and that we might still have the property in a year, but we felt that God would handle it in His timing. In November, an offer was made and the property officially changed hands on December 14th, 2007. The Westfalls are currently living in a rental house and are building a residence on a piece of property very graciously and lovingly given to them by Athens Christian Church.

With the selling of the property, all of the current indebtedness of the ministry has been liquidated. Along with the mortgage being dissolved, other long standing debts of the ministry were resolved. All expenses currently in our budget are for operating expenses so that we can offer all of our various services. We praise God that He made this possible and that He has once again seen us through.
Obviously, this development has necessitated a change in our budget, because funds are no longer tied up and can now be used for program services. A change in facilities to house our programs is also obviously now necessary. To this end, the Westfalls are including in the building of their home an area for office space, a counseling room, and a waiting room to use for our programs and our Education Center will be housed in Athens Christian Church, just 500 yards away.

We want to make it perfectly clear that Save-The-Child Ministries, Inc. is not paying for the Westfalls home, or paying their mortgage. Save-The-Child will now pay fair market value as rent for this office space that will be provided in the Westfall residence. Actually, as a result of this new development, our budget has changed dramatically both in amount and in our method of reporting to you. Please make sure you have read the
Financial Report section so you can see the changes that have been made.