Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.

2007 - 2008 THE YEAR PAST and PRESENT

The past year has been a year of changes, both personally and professionally. First of all, 2007 saw the final end to our Residential Services program. Although “final end” may sound like a peculiar phrase to use, that really describes the decision to end our Residential Services Program as it has been for the first twenty years of this ministry. We have had great difficulty coming to the conclusion that we could no longer take care of young women through offering them a home with our family. We covered this decision with prayer, discussion, and advice from our directors and realized that, for several reasons, this program is no longer feasible for us. Because of this decision, we put the 527 Oglethorpe Avenue property on the market, sold it, have moved to a rental property, and have begun plans to build a new house for our residence and for our offices (see “Good-bye to Oglethorpe Avenue”). We do realize, however, that Residential Services was a large part and effective program of this ministry. We have not, therefore, decided that we will never offer any kind of residential services again. In fact, we have some thoughts about how we might offer this program in a different way and are considering implementing something in the future.

We have seen a substantial increase in the use of our Counseling Services through our Save-The-Family program. Jan has kept extremely busy helping over 106 individuals over the past year with counseling of some type. This counseling takes various forms. Many of our counseling clients are seen on a regular basis in our offices for ongoing counseling and care. Some of our counseling clients are helped through telephone counseling either individually or through conference calls with several people at once. Both of these types of counseling are offered on a one-time, short-term, and long-term basis. Jan has also begun a new phase of our Counseling Services with our Counseling-To-Go program. In this program, Jan travels to the client instead of the clients traveling to her. She has had nine clients in this program over the last six months of 2007 and she travels once or twice a month to see these clients. This program is intended for a one-time or short-term basis. Jan, of course, will continue as the Director of our Counseling Program. This program will be housed in the Counseling Wing of the Westfall’s home.

We announced plans last year to begin a WebMinistry as an extension of our Save-The-Family program. We have put much thought and prayer into this, but just have not been able to get it up and running. A large part of the reason for this is that Jan has been our only full time staff member this past year, with Marv and Gennee serving in part time administrative capacities. We have found that we simply needed more staff to accomplish the start of this program, as well as to continue our SCM Education Center. To this end, we have added Abe and Angela Westfall to our staff again to help with these two programs. Abe will be our WebMinistry Director, designing our new web site, maintaining our Save-The-Child web site, and maintaining and upgrading our office and Education Center computers as necessary. Our target date for the official start of the new WebMinistry program is April 1, 2008.

Finally, we plan to reopen the SCM Education Center in August, 2008. In the past, our education center was largely used for and by those young women in residence with us, with a few nonresidential clients attending. We are going to reopen the education center for young women who are either pregnant or have children, but who have not completed their high school education. Angela Westfall will be our Education Center Director and we will be offering a high school diploma program. We will be providing childcare for the young women in this program as well as offering such classes as budgeting, job interviews, and parenting. Our future plans include broadening this ministry to a Christian school offering affordable Christian education for all grades. This program will be housed in Athens Christian Church.