Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.



The following program services have been provided during the respective time periods listed below:
 20062007To Date
Counseling Clients5159630
Intense Counseling clients4647136
Counseling Sessions118912319076
Total Clients Served97106960
A Note of Explanation

In order to delineate between those Outpatient clients that we see or serve a minimum number of times and those we see over an extended period of time, we have two categories of clients. Counseling Clients are those we see one to three times and who receive limited services. Intense Counseling Clients are those we see at least twice a month and who receive extended services for an extended period of time.


As we have noted earlier in this report, we have added staff this year so that we can adequately provide all of our services. Our current staff is:

Jan Westfall - Executive Director; Director of Counseling Services
Abraham Westfall - Director of WebMinistry & Childcare Program
Angela Westfall - Director of SCM Education Center
Genesis Westfall - Administrative Assistant
Marv Wesfall (unpaid) - Executive Director; Financial Officer


Marv - doing better than he has been in three years; good reports from his cardiologist; back to almost all activities except running and extensive traveling.
Jan - some minor vision difficulties left from strokes; blood pressure under control; back to all activities except driving at night.
Sara - doing better; going to a chiropractor; events decreasing in quantity and severity; beginning to slowly return to good health as well as normal activities; long road ahead.


Even though Marv is not able to travel, we feel a great and urgent need to be visiting our supporting churches and reporting on our work. To this end, Jan and Abe ae taking to the road. We are making an effort to be in every congregation that supports us in 2008. We would like to either speak to your entire church, speak to the adults in a Sunday School setting or Wednesday evening Bible study, or at least meet with your missions committee to report to them all that is happening here. Please contach us before we contact you to schedule a time when we can be with you. We can’t wait to see you!!!