Save-the-Child Ministries, Inc.


This ministry involves two separate websites. The first website offers information about Save-The-Child Ministries, Inc. such as our Annual Report, current newsletters, and financial information. The second website is the counseling website, called The purpose of this website is to offer online counseling services through a variety of ways. First, the site has articles giving counsel about various life issues such as: Parenting Young Children; Parenting through the Primary Years; Parenting through Middle and High School; Grandparenting; Dealing with Health Crises; Dealing with Depression; Dealing with Bipolar Disorder; Dealing with Divorce; The Empty Nest Syndrome; and Anger Management. Second, the site gives the visitor the ability to contact Dr. Westfall for individual, specific assistance. Third, the site hosts live chats with Dr. Westfall. And finally, the site hosts forums that enable visitors to the site to share with each other.